“4 years which gave me an inspiration for next 40 years”

Many times we embark on a path which either creates an insanely significant value for us or changes the direction of our thinking, in my case it happened both.

Four years back a curious kid entered engineering with a vision to imbibe as much as knowledge as he can, but destiny had its own course of action.

The Journey started with attending the classes which either made a lot of sense or no sense at all but they all failed to prevail me till the end. Fortunately, I found an organization which was a kind of a hidden treasure for me. Entrepreneurship development cell of VIIT was a gem which helped me stimulate the lackluster mundane.

Here I am gonna focus on only one thing which created a copious value for me.

In 2013, cell started with an ardent initiative of organizing entrepreneurship summit named ‘Vishwapreneur’, vishwa highlighting the global and preneur as an entrepreneur. To be frank, I heard this word ‘entrepreneur’ first time in my life but the meaning of it had already inspired me to thrive and do more.

“In 2005, I was in 5th standard. My father used to drop me, at my school. After dropping me he used to rush to his work. Looking around, I found there were many parents chilling with their kids and from the belongings it seemed they had fulfilled all their desires. Which wasn’t a case with me as I belonged to the great middle-class background. After doing a little research, I found out that those people worked for themselves whereas my father worked for someone else. This inspired me to say that, ‘even I will work for myself’. After that day, a lot of fest air helped me clear what I really wanna achieve.”

Back to the story,

In the first year, 2013, I volunteered for the event with sloppy jeans and out of fashion white shirt but the very first experience to hear Mr. DSK sir made me give no damn about a style or looks. Teaching me that thinking is far more important than how you look.

The Second year had something different to offer, Miss Nisha Advani, the first and the only female convener of Vishwapreneur so far, architectured the concept of laser focus in my thinking. Thereby highlighting the importance of focus over speed.

The Third year was incredible. I was a vice president of the ECell and now had a plethora of opportunities in front of me. We successfully made a dream come true by getting Mr. Mahesh Manjrekar and Mr. Varun Agarwal for the convention. We touched a peak in reaching out to 50,000 students across Maharashtra. This year taught me the value of execution and timing.

Now came the last year, after exploring almost everything, I had to invigorate my thoughts. I was a co-convener with my best friend Saurabh Bhanage as a convener. I exclusively worked in guest speaker arrangements and made a history by making Vishwapreneur a true global extravaganza. We had a didactic social entrepreneur from the USA and crazily passionate musician from the UK. We made a captivating and transcend experience for enthusiastic participants coming across Maharashtra. Here, I learned a value of breaking dogma and not accepting the things as they are.

Today when I think of all those experiences, I feel it was destined because my ambitions needed aspirations. I needed to entrench myself and more importantly, meet those awesome people during the process. Before this, I had never ever thought that four years can bring so much of a change happiness along. Perhaps I don’t know what would be the right dream for me but I surely know how to live each of it to the fullest.

PS: Thanks to my friend and mentor Aditya Joshi for prodding me for this blog. 😀