Bangalore – A last minute trip.

For someone like me who’s a startup fanboy, Bangalore was on a radar for a long time and finally, it happened, in the most unexpected way. 😀


Day 1

KSRTC Airavat landed us at Bangalore bus station, we had chosen a hotel near there because we were bitch about the budget even though financial position after demonetization had improved. 😀

The day started with the arrogant rickshaw drivers who were way more pain in the ass than Pune rickshawalas. The first spot was ‘Vidhan Soudha’ which is located in the central part of Bangalore and is an assembly place for the state government of Karnataka. Bangalore is known for its parks and lakes because inherently it had both the things in ample amount. So we visited Cubbon park which is just next to ‘vidhan Soudha’. Cubbon park is a great place to chill for a while. The next was an aquarium in the Cubbon park, which had different fish species. (I know you all know what an aquarium is but still, I had to put some description: D) We then covered Tipu sultan’s palace which is built in 1729 and Bangalore fort which depicts the Indian history. Then next was another garden, Lalbaug botanical garden. Which is a sprawling garden located in the central part of Bangalore with a lot of botanical stuff. After so much of walking hustle, we were hungry and chose to go to Social at Koramangala. Social is famous for busting with energy and loud music, this one also has an open terrace. Chicken peri peri steak and Budweiser made loud music sound louder.



Day 2

This day started with a science knowledge at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium and then the peaceful war memorial next to it. The war memorial depicts and pays a tribute all the solders from Karnataka state who died in major wars for our country. The long afternoon was spent at the National gallery of modern art. I must say modern art gallery is something one should must visit. The next was a Bangalore palace.


Which had a lot of hot foreigner tourists chicks 😀 Then the appetite got us to the moto sports café near ulsoor lake which is based on a theme of shop for the bike merchandise and a café with a unique menu. The chicken pizza and mango crunch were the solutions for the hunger.

Toit microbrewery at Indiranagar was a choice for the dinner. Toit offers six types of iconic beers with loud music and great ambiance. Toit is a must try in Bangalore.



Day 3   

Day 3 had a lazy start with lunch at Truffles at St. Marks Road. Each of the truffles menu fills your stomach full. It can be expensive for few, though. Bianca Non-veg pasta and Irish cold coffee made me doze off with my full stomach.picsart_01-18-04-41-40

After a little walk down the street, we stumbled on a gift shop which is dominated by superhero merchandise. The shop offers amazing stuff and deserves a must visit and I bet you’ll definitely swipe your card for something. Then there was a ride to commercial street, because in India it can’t happen that you don’t visit the most famous city street shopping place. And again you end up buying some shit there as well. With our tired legs, we had to choose some place nearby for dinner. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the place but it offered a dish with king size prawns, fish, and squid. I tasted squid for the first time and I loved it.



Day 4

With my love for planes and jet, I didn’t want to miss the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) museum for planes and helicopters. The museum showcases the way Mr. Walchand Hirachand set the footing for manufacturing plane engines and planes in India. HAL is one of the reasons why Indian air force has some badass planes and helicopters. The physical models of different planes and helicopters are amazing and deserve a visit.


Another microbrewery, Arbor Brewing Company was the place for dinner. Arbor offers you seven different types of beers with a pretty nice non-veg menu. A German style wheat beer and grilled flaming chicken made conversation little more interesting. Arbor brewing deserves a shot.



Day 5           

It was the last day of 2016. We had almost discovered everything interesting in the city. Orion mall was the destination for afternoon pass time. 2016’s last meal ended with the best food combination of chicken and beer. (best person remains subjective :D)


It was over. 2016 was over. It started with the same person and ended with the same. In my life, I have always believed in destiny. Sometimes you just have to have a blind faith and keep on doing what you do. Destiny will lead you where you belong. The reason why I say ‘lead’ is because destiny will never push things to you, it will just show you the way, you have to be smart enough to understand which road takes you till the end.


6 months back I was going to fly to the USA for my higher studies and was all set to spend my new years at Las Vegas but destiny had some other plans. Let’s see what this year has me to offer.


Happy new year! 🙂