Purpose of life.

Few days back, I was driving with my friend and he was telling me how he has lost so many things (‘so much of life’) since he joined in a company for a job. He works in a company as a software engineer, gets weekend off and has a very privileged lifestyle because of his parents. I asked him what has he lost? He said he lost lot of his friends because he couldn’t meet them. He was sad about it. He said he did not maintain work life balance.

This made me wonder what exactly is the purpose of our life. Is it to measure it while living it? I got extremely confused because of this. For a while, I felt if I was doing something wrong, but then I realized I have chosen this! I have chosen to be an entrepreneur and create value, I have chosen to be an entrepreneur and employ thousands of people and help their families do well, I have chosen to be an entrepreneur and do something worthwhile, stand for something which made an impact.

I started wondering about what is the purpose of life, the purpose of life is to do what you really want to do, if you feel like climbing the Everest then go climb the Everest don’t waste your potential in climbing stairs at a job which you probably don’t like. Don’t compromise on your dreams. The purpose of life lies in you, don’t try to find it in the car, house, phones, diamonds or anything which isn’t worth a damn.

Purpose of your life is to chase your dreams, I was watching master blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s interview recently and he said, when I was playing cricket, I had to make a lot of sacrifices, I had to stay away from my kid’s birthdays, my anniversaries, the festivals and many more but he said I don’t regret it, because I chose what I wanted to be and where I wanted to be. I can’t complain about it. You guys loved watching me play and I loved playing. He said do not give up on your dreams. Sachin made his dream the purpose of his life and he took insane efforts to make it true.

We all have to understand everything comes at a cost, that cost is an investment. If you’re willing to invest that cost, then you’ll get what you want.  I see so many people getting demotivated because of their parents don’t understand them, they don’t have enough resources, they were born in certain cast, creed or race or their partners left them for XYZ reason. To all the people there, I want to tell you one thing, do not give a shit to these things. You’re born as a human on to the best know planet earth, make sure you make most of it. No matter how small or big your purpose of life is, it matters to this world, your hard work matters to this world, your passion matters to this world, you who’s reading this, matter to this world.

If Sachin hadn’t pursued his purpose with full heart, he wouldn’t be where he is today. The bill gates wouldn’t be what he is today. Shah rukh khan wouldn’t be the king of Bollywood, Steve jobs wouldn’t stand for the crazy ones, the misfits, the people who believed they can change the world and did change the world.

Every day when you wake up, ask yourself a question, if I die tomorrow, will the world miss anything?

If your answer to this isn’t yes, then you haven’t asked this question enough times. 🙂 😀