Entrepreneurship – A lonely ride.  

A few days back on a Sunday, I was home after a couple of months, I had no active work so I was resting at home. Got up late, fed my dog and slept off again. Then watched some videos and read some financial reports. As the day started going towards an end I realized the level at which my social life has changed.

I’m the person who has a considerable amount of friends and many acquaintances.  In my student life I was always onto something apart from studies, let it be traveling for conferences across the country or doing all sorts of entrepreneurial activities. I never felt alone.

Immediately after my college life, I got on to my startup. We quickly got onto a corporate bandwagon. The race is not about making money but creating shear value. Value to change people’s life, value to make a difference.

The amount of work we have to contribute as an entrepreneur to this dream is immense. The mental pressure, physical efforts to stretch yourself to the level that you’ll faint after a point, are something incomparable to anything else.

Last month when the schedule was at the peak we were clocking more than 100 hours a week, almost around 15-16 hours a day. I got a trailer of how my idol Elon Musk lives :D. The schedule was such a madness that I fell asleep on the wheel and we had an accident which would have caused us our life, thanks to Quinston for saving our life. If you’re reading this Quinston, I wish you could also drive, my stress would be less :P.

Entrepreneurship is difficult not because it’s unachievable. Entrepreneurship asks for all of you, it makes you cringe till your last breath.  Entrepreneurship puts you in the situation where you just cannot back off, it doesn’t care about your personal life, relationships, life goals or anything. It doesn’t give a damn if you’re not well or can’t function due to some other reason. Entrepreneurship truly tests your patience to the fullest.

A lot of entrepreneurs today are following their dreams like madness, they give up on everything to get there and it’s commendable, the efforts they put in, their mind, body, and soul only thinking about something which is invincible to achieve.

Entrepreneurship makes it hard because you cannot share it with anyone, not because you don’t have someone close enough to share it with but because people can’t relate to you. They don’t know how it feels when you try so hard for something to happen and it doesn’t. They don’t know how it feels to fail consistently and still not give up and wake up with the same conviction to fight the next battles. Entrepreneurs are never set, they are always hustling, let it be Jeff Bezos to be on the top or Elon Musk to deliver model 3 (A dream of an affordable electric car to happen). These guys, though they have done so much in their lives continue to battle, it’s just that their battles are humongous. The struggle never stops.

I remember even before I got on to this madness, I was with my friend who’s very close to me and I was telling her that this part of life is like a “Nasha” (an addiction) for me. The “Nasha” which is enough to get me up midnight to execute something. “Nasha” primarily being a very negative word, acts in a very positive manner for me.

Entrepreneurship is not only like this. It has its own perks. It makes me interact with thousands of new people every few months. It lets me break boundaries of human thinking and achieve something which absolutely seems crazy to achieve. It lets me give an opportunity to thousands of people to achieve their dreams, make their families live a better life. The joy it brings to me every time I rest my head at night is something can’t be put in words.

Entrepreneurs, in my opinion, are such a part of our ecosystem that acts as a linchpin. It takes a lot of loads and acts as a pivotal support to our society, nation, and world.

In the end, I just want to say thank you to all the entrepreneurs who have and still continue to inspire me. Hats off to your entrepreneurial spirit. I hope I and my team end up creating some difference in this world.


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