Are you ready for 2018?

A story was imagined in someone’s mind in 1500 century and founds it’s way on canvas through a sketch. Sketch might not have articulated it to 100% but it opened a way to communicate with one another.  As days passed, in mid-1800 century pencil was evolved to put thoughts into reality in more concentrated manner. Then came colors, displays, retina displays and we have reached a point where we are thinking, creating and breaking the displays of borders.

A kid named Palmer Luckey reintroduced the concept of VR to the new age world through Oculus. Palmer started playing with VR when he was 14-15. With Oculus, the primary thought was to build great Virtual Reality head-mounted display (HMD) which is the backbone of Virtual Reality technology along with the software platform. As Oculus started taking shape with its Development kit version 1 and 2, Luckey was pushing the envelope of VR ahead and ahead making it possible for all of us develop applications for Virtual Reality and create wonders.


Virtual Reality truly crossed a benchmark when Mark Zuckerberg believed in the vision of Oculus to make Virtual Reality as mainstream as the television or mobile phones and Facebook bought Oculus for whopping $ 1.6 billion.

What investors, consumers, and developers should get excited about are Oculus’ 2018 plans. The Oculus Go is on track to arrive next year — a simple, self-contained headset priced around $200, which could make VR accessible to the masses. Better yet, the company is working on an untethered headset with Rift-type capabilities — the prototype is called Santa Cruz — which is also expected sometime in 2018. With these new products, Facebook has a bright future in VR. And thus we all do.

Remember how apple influenced the current generation, they created the personal computer revolution. Apple truly showed us the power of computers in personal use. Similarly, Virtual Reality is going to influence our lives. Today VR is restricted to the business use where the value proposition is higher but it’s coming to consumers slowly. It’s not that far, we’ll see a VR call being made to someone on Mars in next decade years. We’ll be able to walk on planet mars virtually. We’ll be able to save a ton of traveling time to be at any location. Virtual Reality will change the way businesses will operate.

At Quark, we are bringing a new product to all VR enthusiasts, content creators and everyone who wants to enter into the VR space. Quark will be truly revolutionizing VR content creation and deployment/presentation. With this product, you’ll not just be able to save your time but also deploy VR experiences faster and make money off them. The software will be launched very soon. You’ll have to have a bit of patience to get hands on the future of VR. And make yourself ready for 2018.

Let’s all make 2018 a year of VR by bringing more power to the users, more power to the content creators and more power to the businesses.






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